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What is OrangeQC?

Our simple, powerful janitorial inspection app and website help your team do quality control right.

1. Customize

Whether you’re managing an airport, school, or hospital, OrangeQC lets you customize our tools to fit your needs.

2. Inspect

When inspections are easy to do, they actually get done. Create your own forms that your team can fill out from any mobile device.

3. Communicate

OrangeQC uploads inspections, work orders, and tickets in real time—and keeps everything organized so your team can stay on top of it all.

Who uses OrangeQC?

Building Service Contractors

BSCs use OrangeQC to help their teams juggle quality control, work orders, and tickets across multiple buildings and accounts.

After a year of struggling with another software program, I switched to OrangeQC. What a difference! My admin person had all my buildings and inspections entered in one day!

Ed Cook, ServiceMaster Performance New Mexico
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Cleanliness counts in healthcare like nowhere else. Our powerful quality control tools help your team ensure everything is spotless—and leaves a full online audit trail to back you up.

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Universities use OrangeQC to help with classroom management, building cleaning, maintenance, and more. It’s an easy way to keep in touch with your team and let them know exactly what needs to be done.

The OrangeQC app makes it easy to perform inspections… We like the ability to customize inspection forms to fit our needs.

Michael Mitchner, Michigan State University
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